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Jonestown is well known for its parks and annual festivities, including fishing tournaments and The Texas Chili Cook-off. The current and upcoming events feature: the citywide Easter Egg Hunt (spring) the Tree Lighting/Trail of Lights and Santa visit (December). Public events include: SwiftFest (annual in the fall), Cajun-Fest (annual in the spring), and Lago Fest (summer).

There are several parks in the area and plenty of untamed forests to hike around in. Almost every valley and creek in Jonestown is managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority, which means you can hike on it freely as public land. Jones Brother's Park is a huge waterfront public area on Lake Travis featuring 3 boat ramps, a playground, several Great Texas Oak Trees, a basketball court, a large open field ideal for playing Frisbee or flying a kite, and an array of shaded picnic areas. Pecan Bottom Park was officially turned into a public park after locals constantly maintained a rock damn in Sandy Creek.