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A recent Zillow survey has uncovered startling new ways to add value to your home sale price. According to research,

"If you are selling a house in Texas and want to command a proven price premium, it can be worth it for you to add in an outdoor pizza oven, a steam shower, or professional appliances," says The Agency Texas Co-Founder Justin Sheppard. "The data is in, and there are absolutely known items that can potentially add over twenty percent in premiums with home listings."

So before you put your house on the market, consider adding in a steam shower, professional appliances, a pizza oven, pet shower (yes, PET SHOWER), outdoor kitchen, prep sink, shed / garage studio, heated or radiant floors, a meditation room, or a wine fridge to make the big bucks roll in.

Top 10 Home Prices Increase.jpg

If you are interested in buying a home with these items, try The Agency Texas real-time home listings! You can search by whatever amenities you like. Now go make a pizza and shower up that pet!